Gmail is highly popular among the regular Internet users due to its reliability, attractive features and secure storage to save contacts. A user can synchronize the latter pretty easily, by editing or creating a group to store all important names. But, issues might occur when you try to sync contacts on Android device configured with your webmail account. This happens as several apps don’t easily sync with the Android device. Here’s a simple and secure process to perfectly sync the webmail contacts to Android device. For amateur users, the Gmail support offers technical services to resolve all basic and critical email troubleshoots.


  1. Open the contact section in your Google account and inspect that all the listed names are stored safely. If you feel you have lost any important ones, then you are suggested to create two accounts and use them to store the contacts, simply use one for storing basic contacts while another one for backup. Now, you can safely extract and export all the important names of the primary Gmail account to the other one, with all groups organized in a sequence.
  2. Open the “Contacts” section and enter options to select “Contacts to display”, then choose your email account to display the stored list of names to save them on your Gmail account.

Follow these steps to sync your Android names with your Gmail Account:

Step 1: Ensure you set up your titular webmail account on Android device. If the Gmail is not configured, then move to “Settings” and click Account sync settings/Add Account.

Step 2: Open “Settings,” click “Accounts and sync settings.” Next, inspect both “Auto-sync” and “Background data” parameters. Now you have to choose your Google account, it appears under the “Manage accounts,” finally enable “Sync Contacts” option.


Step 3: Now you have to click “Sync now” option and wait until all the contacts on your Gmail successfully sync with your Android phone.


Now sign-in to your personal account on your PC and click the Gmail text link appearing on the upper left side of your profile. Next, choose Contact and you will find the names appear on your Android device. Finally, your webmail names have synchronized with your Android. However, if you wish to change your contact names on the PC, then you can sync the contacts on your Android to the computer in the same way.

If you still not get, contact to Gmail customer support on Gmail Helpline Number +353-766042738 for online help, they help you to find solution for your problem.


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